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Freelance Writer Website Design + Brand Identity

Completed For:
Brandy Wallner
Web Designer
Tools Used:
Web Design, Image Selection, Brand Identity
Squarespace, Canva


Brandy wanted a website that showcased herself as a freelance writer that is focused on encouraging conversation and bringing others together. We met originally to work on her product, A Good Conversation Dinner, but through designing the elements for that project she determined it was time to give her business an upgrade. I worked with Brandy to design her brand and logo elements and to incorporate her new brand into the redesign of her website. She was looking for something warm and inviting. We worked together to create her logo, mood board, and website.


She wanted to showcase both her writing as well as her product on her website even though they each had different messaging and identities. She already has her messaging clearly defined but couldn’t figure out how to make the design between the two brands mesh.


I worked with Brandy to create a brand identity for herself that complemented that of her product while staying true to her approachable and warm personality.

The Process

Step One

She completed the onboarding client questionnaire so I could get an in depth understanding of her business and goals as well as inspiration for other brands and websites that she loved.

Step Two

We met for a strategy meeting walking through her responses to make sure I had a proper understanding of her needs followed by her brand identity reveal.

Step Three

We worked together in phases. I would complete a few pages at a time to make sure we were able to focus on core pieces of the project at once as well as to not overwhelm during the web design process.

Step Four

Finally, we did an audit, spruced up her SEO settings and launched her website!

“Olivia is personable and incredibly easy to work with. She does a great job, helping you to identify your style too! If you’re anything like me, you aren’t always sure how to verbalize what you want your materials or website to look like. Olivia is able to help you figure all that out. She is professional and responsive and spends the time to get to know you and your product or service. She’s also genuinely excited to be working on the project with you. I can’t recommend Olive Maple Studio highly enough.”
Brandy Wallner