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Brokerage Recruiting Site Website Development

Completed For:
Red Oak Realty
Web Developer
Tools Used:
Web Design, Custom Code
Squarespace, Illustrator, Photoshop


Red Oak Realty was in need of a recruiting website for new agents to showcase the support and team that they offered. They wanted to take a print brochure and turn it into a functional website while staying true to their brand and using their brand assets. I worked with their COO and Marketing Director to create a website that did just that.


I had to dissect some of the brand elements from the brochure since the website’s inspiration was coming from a print document. However, a lot of the elements did not adapt well responsively, or the layouts did not work appropriately with the grid system of Squarespace.


I recreated a few of the elements to adapt to screen sizes. This was an issue because some of the graphics were formatted in a landscape orientation but on mobile, they would just shrink down and be impossible to see. I recreated these graphics in a portrait orientation and used custom code to make the graphics show up on the correct devices.

The Process

Step One

They completed the onboarding client questionnaire so I could get an in depth understanding of their business and website goals.

Step Two

We met for a strategy meeting walking through his responses to make sure I had a proper understanding of their needs followed by a content organization plan.

Step Three

We worked together in phases. I would complete a few pages at a time to make sure we were able to focus on core pieces of the project at once as well as to not overwhelm during the web design process.

Step Four

Finally, we did an audit and launched their website!

“Olivia exceeded our expectations. Her eye for design, Squarespace skill level, responsiveness and willingness to work hard and get the job done right was extraordinary. Highly recommended - would definitely hire again.”