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Relationship Coach Website Migration

Completed For:
Web Designer
Tools Used:
Web Design, Image Selection, Brand Identity
Squarespace, Canva, Illustrator


Toby had an established brand and blog but was in need of a new website that focused on his key coaching areas as well as showcased him as an expert. He was looking for a site with minimal maintenance and security issues so we migrated his site from WordPress to Squarespace so his monthly maintenance fees could be cut in half with no immediate need for a monthly maintenance plan.


He wanted his new site to focus on three pillars of content: Relationships, Faith in Life, and Self Development. He wanted to recategorize his 100+ blog posts and organize them with his eBooks and courses.


I went through each and every blog post and added the appropriate tags and categories which enabled the content to be easy to search and filter through on the blog pages but also on his pillar pages. Each pillar page had a list of all blog posts in the relevant category as well as his eBooks and courses.

The Process

Step One

He completed the onboarding client questionnaire so I could get an in depth understanding of his business and goals as well as inspiration for other brands and websites that he loved.

Step Two

We met for a strategy meeting walking through his responses to make sure I had a proper understanding of his needs followed by a content organization plan.

Step Three

We worked together in phases. I would complete a few pages at a time to make sure we were able to focus on core pieces of the project at once as well as to not overwhelm during the web design process.

Step Four

Finally, we did an audit, spruced up his SEO settings and launched his website!