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Education Non-Profit

Completed For:
Dreams Pursued
Web Designer
Tools Used:
Web Design, Image Selection
Squarespace, Canva


This education non-profit was in need of a website to provide a resource to show where events were taking place, accept donations, and establish their credibility with donors and sponsors. See it live: https://www.dreamspursued.org/


Dreams Pursued had a great mission and was founded to educate and advocate for people of color to not only have interest in becoming medical doctors but to provide scholarships to students to help them fulfill their dreams. When designing the site and specifically during image selection we wanted to find images that showcase diversity in the images.


We worked together looking through a lot of images to make sure I found the perfect one for the site to make sure the imagery stayed true to the mission.

The Process

Step One

She completed the onboarding client questionnaire so I could get an in depth understanding of their business and website goals as well as see inspiration websites, so I had a better understanding of the aesthetic she was looking for.

Step Two

We met for a strategy meeting walking through her responses to make sure I had a proper understanding of her needs followed by a content organization plan.

Step Three

We worked together in phases. I would complete a few pages at a time to make sure we were able to focus on core pieces of the project at once as well as to not overwhelm during the web design process.

Step Four

Finally, we did an audit and launched her website!

“She was patient and easy to work with, extremely kind and encouraging. Great questionnaire that she used to get a better understanding of what I wanted. Execution was perfect and she made all necessary changes and some! She was also very accommodating to my schedule even though it is very hectic. Honestly, couldn’t have asked for a better designer. Thanks Olivia for everything. If any updates are needed, we will be reaching out.”
Kisha Burgess