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Pilates Studio Website Redesign

Completed For:
Ligne Pilates
Web Designer
Tools Used:
Web Design, Custom Code
WordPress, Canva, Photoshop


Ligne Pilates was in need of a WordPress redesign to organize her new service offerings in migrating from being an in-person studio to an online / in-person hybrid studio. She also needed a reorganization of Acuity to make booking sessions easier.


She was wanting to offer individual as well as group sessions for clients but needed a way to differentiate online versus in person so


We walked through her services and determined what could be grouped together on the site versus what needed to be separated based on the organziation of services on acuity to make sure users were having a consistent experience.

The Process

Step One

She completed the onboarding client questionnaire so I could get an in depth understanding of her business and website goals as well as review inspiration websites that she liked.

Step Two

We met for a strategy meeting walking through her responses to make sure I had a proper understanding of her needs followed by a content organization plan.

Step Three

We worked together in phases. I would complete a few pages at a time to make sure we were able to focus on core pieces of the project at once as well as to not overwhelm during the web design process.

Step Four

Finally, we did an audit and launched their website!

“I appreciate your help reworking my site!”